Why you should continue cricket coaching during the off season

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Winter off season cricket coaching in Sydney.

by Geoff Spotswood, Level 3 Cricket Coach (Cricket Australia).

I am often asked the value of cricket coaching in the winter months when it’s cold and most players are focusing on winter sports.

Winter cricket competitions

It may surprise you but there are many players playing in winter cricket competitions all over Sydney. Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association commenced in 2004 in the St. George area and has blossomed to provide opportunities for young cricketers throughout Sydney. Rules are modified with nine players and twenty overs per innings. Games are played on Sundays & take about two and a half hours to complete. The competition runs from late April to the end of June with 10 to 16 year old boys and girls catered for as well as adults. It’s a good way to maintain your skills during the off season.

Refine your cricket technique, correct errors and built strength

The cricket off season is also a great time to work on your technique, correct errors & build on your strengths without the pressure of weekly competition. During the season, players are focussed on playing in a team and trying to perform to the best of their ability in a competitive environment. The offseason enables you to try new techniques that you can refine and perfect and build your confidence so you may use the newly acquired skills in the coming season.

Time spent on developing skills & technique in batting, bowling & fielding forms the foundation for a successful cricket season.

Why off season cricket training is vital

Off season cricket coaching & training is vital as it reinforces correct motor patterns which lead to muscle memory resulting in better decision making in game situations. By motor skills, I mean the finely coordinated muscle movements required in batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. The development of muscle memory occurs when correct techniques are practised time and time again so there is less reliance on thinking about how to execute the skill as it can be completed with little or no conscious effort. Expert coaching and feedback during the off season hones your skills and prepares you well for success for the coming season.

You are also improving your skill set when many of your peers are involved in winter sports thus giving an excellent chance to put yourself ahead of the game.

Cricket training in the winter gives you an opportunity to prepare well for a successful season ahead.

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Our off season cricket coaching services

Kids’ cricket coaching & private lessons

Our kid’s private cricket coaching academy teaches on-going player technique development and improvement in all areas with each session tailored to the player’s needs. Cricket training sessions are conducted by Geoff Spotswood, a Level 3 cricket coach (Cricket Australia).  Geoff’s cricket coaching sessions are held at convenient  locations throughout Sydney (see venues). Private coaching is open to girls and boys aged 5 to 18 years.

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Cricket holiday clinics

Our school holiday cricket clinics are a great opportunity for your children to have fun, learn new skills and develop game awareness. All clinics encourage children to challenge themselves and make new friends in a safe and inclusive environment.

Relax knowing your children are well supervised, learning and active under the control of highly experienced teachers and accredited coaches. Coaching clinic activities are designed by myself to assist children to learn the correct techniques, have fun and engage actively with other children. Clinics are open to girls and boys 5 to 16 Years.

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Girl’s cricket 

Cricket for girls and women is the fastest growing area of Australian Cricket with females making up 25% of cricket participants. Cricket is a safe, non-contact team sport. Inspired by Australia’s World Champion team, “The Southern Stars”, girls and women of all ages are getting involved in cricket.

Geoff Spotswood is a Level 3 cricket coach and current PDHPE teacher and Head of Department and has years of experience working in both public and private schools and co-ed and single sex systems. Geoff is sensitive to the differences in boys and girls learning styles having coached and taught different sporting skills to both sexes. Geoff has also been a volunteer coach of his own daughters’ sporting teams.

Geoff provides a wide variety of customised programs for girls providing competitive and social benefits while maintaining a high adherence to the Spirit of the Game. Every coaching session is based around having fun whilst developing and building skills and attributes such as confidence, team work, leadership whilst achieving personal bests.

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Cricket coaching consultation

As an expert coach and high school teacher, Geoff Spotswood conducts cricket training seminars and courses for coaches and teachers. Seminars are catered to your requirements and include professional learning and in services for teachers.

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Sydney Off-Season Winter Cricket Coaching

Geoff Spotswood is an expert cricket coach (Level 3) and leading educator who coaches all cricketers from young beginners to adult players. He is also one of the few sportsmen who have played first grade cricket and rugby league.

The cricket coaching programs Geoff conducts are well respected and highly regarded. Many current Cricket NSW and Australian representatives have been guided and mentored by Geoff including Steve and Mark Waugh. Geoff uses his unique cricket coaching program which has assisted experienced players from Australia and overseas to develop their game.

Geoff also runs school holiday cricket clinics Visit this site in locations throughout Sydney where young cricketers can learn and develop their skills in a safe and friendly environment. Additionally, Geoff’s accredited and friendly coaches can organise fun filled cricket and sport themed games at your child’s birthday party and bring all the  equipment needed.

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