Experienced Player & Adult Cricket Coaching

Sydney cricket coaching for adult players, clubs and teams.

Geoff Spotswood’s adults’ private cricket coaching is suitable for individuals and teams who want to improve technique in all areas.  Cricket training sessions are tailored to the individual needs of each player(s) or team.  Coaching can be conducted at your training grounds or at one of our preferred venues.

Adult cricket team coaching program provides:

  • Technique development in batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fielding
  • Specific batting, bowling and fielding drills, along with skills practices designed to cater to each individual player
  • Individual error detection and correction
  • New skill development
  • Improved teamwork leading to achieving team goals
  • Confidence building inability and improved self-esteem

Contact Geoff to discuss how he can help you and/or your teammates develop your skills, technique and ultimately perform at your optimum.

About Geoff Spotswood – Level 3 Cricket Coach, Cricket Australia

Geoff Spotswood is an expert coach (Level 3 – Cricket Australia) and a leading educator who has provided outstanding coaching for cricketers of all ages for over twenty-five years. Geoff specialises in assisting male and female children and cricketers from beginners to adults.  His cricket coaching programs are individually designed and implemented to meet the diverse needs of players. Thousands of players have passed through Geoff’s Cricket Academy which is highly respected throughout the community in Australia and overseas. Steve and Mark Waugh are players Geoff has coached along with many representative players as well as those who love the game and want to be the best they can be.

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