Policies and Procedures

Cancellation Policy

We understand circumstances may change so if you are unable to attend the clinic after booking then you have the following options:

  • Pass the enrolment onto a friend for the same cricket clinic
  • Transfer enrolment to another cricket clinic during the next school holidays
  • Exchange booking for private coaching of the same value
Heat policy

All holiday clinics and private coaching sessions will be held in all weather conditions. Children receive information on the importance of being sensible in hot weather and how best to look after themselves. When the temperature is 38 degrees or above the following procedures will be adopted:

  • The program will be amended and activity intensity will be reduced.
  • Sessions will be limited to a maximum of 45 minutes. Drink breaks will be more frequent. Water will be supplied for children to refill drink bottles.
  • During rostered breaks children will be asked to rest & there will be no activity during this time.
  • Children can rest or have a drinks break at any time they feel the need.
  • Shaded areas will be used for activities.
  • Clinic Coordinator will communicate with group coaches about any children affected by heat.

Parents can assist by:

  • Ensuring your child has a hat
  • Ensuring your child has sunscreen on
  • Ensuring your child has a drink bottle
  • Not sending your child is they are sick
Wet Weather Policy

All holiday clinics and private coaching sessions will be held in all weather conditions.

  • The program will be amended to cater for the conditions.
  • Children will have off field activities or indoor activities depending on the venue and the facilities available.
  • Children will be in and out of the field depending on the rain. Light drizzle will not affect clinics.
  • Theory sessions on batting, bowling and fielding, trivia competitions, video sessions will be organised if necessary.
  • In the event of lightning, the 30/30 rule is followed.

In the unusual circumstance of wet weather causing the cancellation of a holiday clinic day then fees will be transferred to the next available clinic you can attend. 

Clinic Safety Procedures

For each holiday cricket coaching clinic a risk assessment is integral to planning and organisation. Every effort is made to ensure all children have a safe, enjoyable and educationally sound experience.

  • Designated Drop off and Pick up areas.
  • Roll marking at beginning and end of each day of holiday clinics.
  • Children are only allowed to leave with a person they know or who has been authorised to pick them up.
  • Clinic Coordinator must be informed by parents if a child is arriving late or needs to leave early.
  • Coordinator remains at clinic venue until all children have been collected.
  • First aid area and kit is at all clinics with trained first aiders at hand.
  • Children are encouraged to go to the toilet during group breaks. If children need to go to the toilet during a session, they must go with a friend.
  • Children must wear a hat and sunscreen. Sunscreen is reapplied regularly.
  • Children are encouraged to hydrate often.
  • Children must wear appropriate cricket safety equipment.
  • Children must bring their own lunch.
  • Children must not bring nuts or nut products to clinic. A strict no food sharing policy exists at holiday clinics.
  • Good manners, thoughtfulness and kindness to others are encouraged at all holiday clinics.
  • Clinics are run by experienced Head Coaches who are all school teachers.
Group Booking Procedure for Holiday Clinics

The group coordinator must email the names of each of the children in the group to Geoff.

Each parent must register their child through the standard clinic registration form and include the name of the group coordinator in the form.

Each parent may then pay the discounted rate via EFT or cheque.