Preseason Cricket Coaching Clinics 2021 / 2022

What is the value of cricket coaching in the preseason?

We are not currently running any pre-seasons coaching clinics.
Please check back in the next pre-season for updated clinic dates. 

This season, in particular, the preseason is vital as children have been restricted seeing their friends, playing winter sport & confined to remote learning.

The offseason is also a great time to work on your technique, correct errors & build on your strengths without the pressure of weekly competition. During the season, players are focussed on playing in a team and trying to perform to the best of their ability in a competitive environment. The offseason enables you to try new techniques and skills and build your confidence in a learning situations that you can refine and perfect and then use in the coming season.

Time spent on developing skills & technique in batting, bowling & fielding forms the foundation for a successful season.

Preseason coaching & training is vital as it reinforces correct motor patterns which leads to muscle memory resulting in better decision making in game situations. By motor skills, I mean the finely coordinated muscle movements required in batting, bowling, fielding and wicketkeeping. The development of muscle memory occurs when correct techniques are practised time and time again so there is less reliance on thinking about how to execute the skill as it can be completed with little or no conscious effort. Expert coaching and feedback during the off season hones your skills and prepares you well for success for the coming season.

Preseason training gives you a great chance to build your confidence & prepare well for the season ahead.

I have designed a program of sessions to give children the opportunity to return to playing cricket & building their confidence & develop their skills.

Our Preseason Cricket Coaching Programs

Player Benefits

  • Coach:Player ratio 2:1
  • 60 minute technique sessions
  • 5 – 16 Years girls & boys
  • Individual development in batting, bowling, fielding & wicketkeeping
  • Builds confidence & self esteem in positive environment
  • Ball machine coaching
  • Cricket Australia accredited coaches
  • Teachers are Head Coaches
  • Caters for all ages and experience levels from beginners to experienced players