Private cricket coaching questions

What is the best age to start private coaching?
Do you only cater for young players?
What time of the year is private coaching recommended?
Where can I receive private cricket coaching?
What is the coach to player ratio?

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 Cricket school holiday clinic questions

When do applications close for the clinics?
How old are players at the school holiday cricket clinics?
How are players grouped for the sports clinics?
Can I come for one or two days?
Do you provide feedback to children?
Can parents provide feedback on the clinics?
Do I need to bring my own equipment?
Do you provide food at the clinics?
Do you provide drinks at the clinics?

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Girls cricket coaching questions

Do you have girl only holiday coaching clinics?
Can my daughter play competitive cricket?
Do competitions take all day?
Is there a pathway for female cricketers?


Questions not answered here?
If you have any additional questions regarding our cricket coaching clinics or school holiday programs, please contact Geoff Spotswood direct on 0401 382 409 or send an email.